Top 3 Things To Do To Avoid Inhaling Harmful Interior Painting Odors


The colder seasons can cause one to become restless, as much time is spent stuck indoors with nothing to do. This is a time when home project ideas begin formulating, and what better place to start than refreshing your wall colors?

The problems arise when we find ourselves trapped amongst paint odors, though, because windows are sealed shut to keep out the cold. How do homeowners protect themselves from breathing in harsh chemicals? Here are a few options.

1. Paint Scentsations

A relatively new concept, Paint Scentsations are additives that go directly into your paint to create a pleasant alternative to the harsh scent of paint. While it doesn’t eliminate VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), it does mask what is otherwise a very powerfully jarring scent.


2. Invest into Low or Zero-VOC Paint

To avoid VOC’s that are present in the solvent – those are what gives paint that uniquely chemical smell – buy environmentally conscious low or zero-VOC paint. The formulas have been perfected to be green (good for the Earth, woohoo!) and with a gentler scent.


3. Hire a Professional Painter

Leave the hard work to the professionals and spend a night out with the family while your home gets revamped. Many times, homeowners choose to take a break and get away, and use this time to hire painters for interior painting services. By the time you return, the fumes will have died down tremendously, reducing the hazardous inhalants in the air.


For more information about painting and other contracting services, visit Ploutis Contracting online or by calling (703) 360-0205.


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