5 Tips for Exterior Home Painting

5. Use PVC to replace wood.

In many cases, PVC (a thermoplastic) is a great replacement for chipped trim pieces and wood rot. ​Unlike wood, it never rots and most people don’t even notice an aesthetic difference between the two. We use brands such as Royal and Azek, and highly recommend the two. After the wood is replaced just about any 100% acrylic latex paint or 100% acrylic latex with a urethane additive paint can be used to achieve superior coating durability and flexibility.

4. Paint From Top to Bottom

Start on top to prevent streaks, concentrating on your ceilings first. Paint the ceiling with a roller and extension handle, and paint the edges with a brush, creating a border about 2″ to 3″ wide. Then continue to the walls, working your way down.

3. Quality trumps price.

Compared with average-grade interior paints, top quality finishes are much easier to work with and offer superior long-term performance.

Top quality paints won’t spatter or show obvious brush marks (we all know those are the worst). And since they hide better than ordinary paints, a single coat is often sufficient to give a great looking paint job and save on time, labor and cost.

Because top quality interior paints also are tougher and more durable than ordinary interior paints, they resist fading, yellowing and staining. Here at Ploutis Painting & Contracting, we recommend the brands Duration and Superpaint, which are medium- to high-grade levels.

2. Use Primer

This may seem like a joke, but we can’t stress enough how often we see defeated DIY customers who forgot the primer. There’s a reason it’s called primer. For better paint adhesion, priming is the way to go. Use an oil primer and top it off with latex or acrylic for a better seal.

1. Consider Mother Nature

And last but not least, don’t forget about environmental factors! Although summer in the Northern Virginia, DC, MD area is an ideal time for exterior painting, Autumn is a great time to paint too. Paint needs time to cure, so rain is its biggest enemy. Moisture in the air keeps water-based paint from drying, so watch your weather forecast for dry days to prevent it from blistering or bubbling.

For more information about Ploutis Painting & Contracting or to receive a complimentary estimate, please call them at (703) 360-0205 today.

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